Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

Jurnal Ekonomi Syariah (Kode J071), TERSEDIA PDF

1. Optimal sharing contracts. By. Sami i al suwailem.

2. Islamic banking in Brunei and the future role of centre for islamic banking, finance and management (CIBFM). By. Hjh Salma Hj Abdul Latif (Brunei).

3. The Attitude of bank customers and profesional bankers towards islamic and conventional banks in Banladesh. By. Mahmood Ahmad (Bangladesh).

4. Financial distress and bank failure: relevance for islamic banks. By. Salman syed Ali

5. Islamic banking and finance: Philosophical underpinnings. By. Mabid Ali al-jarhi

6. Option contracts and the principles of sale of rights in shariah. By. Mohammed Burhan Arbouna (Bahrain).

7. The case against interest: is it compelling?. By. M. Umer Chapra.

8. Legal aspects of islamic project finance and asset securitization in Indonesia: a vehicle for the development of islamic banking. By. Reza Adirahman Djojosugito

9. Islamic Bonds: Indonesian experience. By. Cecep maskanul Hakim (Indonesia)

10. Equity fund’s islamic screening: effects on its financial performance. By. Abul hassan and Antonios Antoniou (UK)

11. Succes factors of Islamic banks: an empirical study. By. Monzer Kahf

12. Unresolved issues in Islamic banking and finance: deposit mobilization. By. Sayyid Tahir (Pakistan)

13. Legal aspects of islamic banking: Malaysian experience. By. Norhashimah Mohd. Yasin (Malaysia).

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