Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Jurnal Ekonomi Syariah (Kode J087), TERSEDIA DALAM FORMAT PDF

1. Are all forms of interest prohibited?. By: Rafic yunus al masri (King Abdul Aziz university, Saudi Arabia)

2. Islamic banking and finance: Theory and practice. By: Muhammad Ayub (state bank of Pakistan). Reviewed by: Mohammaed Obaidullah (King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia)

3. Zakah on stocks: some unsettled issues. By : Abdl azim islahi (King Abdul aziz university, Saudi Arabia)

4. Zakah: is it imposable on income or on capital? By: rafic Yunus al masri (King Abdul aziz University)

5. Islamic banking and interest: a stdy of prohibition of interest and its contemporary interpretation. By: Abdullah Saeed (Leiden). Reviewed: Rafic Yunus al masri (King Abdul Aziz University)

6. Towards self enforcing islamic tax system: an alternative to current approaches. By: Sayed afzal peerzade (karnataka state women university, Bijapur, india)

7. Islamic economics and the environment: material flow analysis in society-nature interrelationships. By: Abul Hassan (markfield Institute, UK)

8. On Islam’s attitude towards sustainable development. Comment by: saiyed F Al Khouli (King Abdul Aziz University, Saudi Arabia)

9. Zakah on stocks: some unsettled issues. By: Abdul azim islahi and M Obaidullah. Comment by: Muhammad Akram Khan (MONUC, Kinhasa, Congo)

10. Economic development in the middle east. By: Rodney Wilson. Reviewed by: Abdelkader chachi (King Abdul Aziz University)

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