Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

Jurnal Ekonomi Syariah (Kode J081), TERSEDIA PDF

1. An agenda for muslim economists: a historico-inductive approach. By: Salim Rashid (USA)

2. Access to finance and collaterals: Islamic Versus western banking. By: Abdel Hamid Abdouli

3. An historical approach to islamic pricing policy: a research on the Ottoman price system and its application. By: Orhan Oguz and Ahmed Tabakoglu (Turkey)

4. Distributive justice and need fulfillment in an islamic economy. By: Munawar iqbal. Reviewed by: M Ali Khan (USA)

5. Unlawful gain and legitimate profit in islamic law: riba, gharar and Islamic banking. By: Nabil A saleh. Reviewed by: S.M Hasanuzzaman (Pakistan)

6. Debt and equity in a primary financial market: a theory with Islamic implications. By: Seif I tag el-din (saudi arabia)

7. Impact of Islamic modes of finance on monetary expansion. By: Muhammad nejatullah siddiqi (Saudi Arabia)

8. Theoretical studies in islamic banking and finance. By: Mohsin S Khan and Abbas Mirakhor. Reviewed by: M Ali Khan.

9. Equilibrium in a non-interest open economy. By: Abbas Mirakhor.

10. Central banking in an interest free banking system. By: Hamid Zangeneh and Ahmad Salam.

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