Rabu, 23 Maret 2011

Jurnal Ekonomi Syariah (Kode J076), TERSEDIA PDF

1. Financial contracting in currency markets: an Islamic Evaluation. By. Mohammed Obaidullah.

2. Perceptions of Malaysian corporate customers toward islamic banking products & services. By. Norafifah Ahmad and Sudin Haron.

3. Islamic risk mnagement: towards greater ethics and efficiency. By. Mohammed Obaidullah.

4. The multi dimensionality of carter model to measure customer service quality (SQ) in islamic banking industry: a study in Kuwait finance house.

5. Legal capasity to contract of takaful: an islamic Jurisprudential consideration. By. Mohd ma’sum Billah

6. Islamic antecedents financial accountability. By. Athar Murtuza.

7. Modeling an exit strategy for islamic venture capital finance. By. Tariqullah Khan and Boulem bendjilali.

8. Islamic banks’ profitability in an interest rate cycle. By. Anouar Hassoune.

9. Imperatives of financial innovation for Islamic banks. By. Abdullah M Noman.

10. Islamic justification of derivative instruments. By. Ali Salehabadi and Mohammad Aram.

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