Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Jurnal Ekonomi Syariah (Kode J084), TERSEDIA PDF

1. Venture capital: a potential model of msharakah. By: Sami al swailem (Saudi Arabia)

2. A comparative stdy of islamic banking practices. By: Sudin Haron (Malaysia)

3. Monetary management in an Islamic economy. By: Mohsin S Khan and Abbas Mirakhor. Comments: Amir Kia (Canada)

4. Performance and risk analysis of islamic banks: the case of bahrain islamic bank. By: Seref Turen. Comments: Imtiaz uddin ahmad.

5. Essays in Islamic Economic Analysis.Editor: F.R Faridi. Reviewed by: Seif el din I. Tag el din (Saudi Arabia)

6. Economic concepts of Ibn Taimiyah. By: Abdul Azim Islahi (UK). Reviewed by: Mohammed Hamid Abdallah (Saudi Arabia)

7. Financial options in Islamic contracts: potensial tools for risk management. By: Mohammed Obaidullah (India)

8. Place for an expenditure tax in the Islamic Fiscal system. By: Sayed Afzal peerzade (India)

9. Characterizing the stock exchange from an islamic perspective. By: Seif al din Ibrahim tag el din. Comments: Mohammed Akacem (USA)

10. Arab Islamic banking an the renewal of Islamic law. By: Nicholas Dylan Ray. Reviewed by: Mohammed Hashim Kamali (Malaysia)

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