Minggu, 27 Maret 2011

Jurnal Ekonomi Syariah (Kode J088), TERSEDIA DALAM FORMAT PDF

1. Origin and development of commercial and Islamic banking operations. By: Abdelkader chachi (king Abdul Aziz University)

2. Treatment of consumption in islamic economics: an appraisal. By: Zubair Hasan (International Islamic university of Malaysia)

3. Towards a new paradigm for economics. By: Asad Zaman (International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan)

4. On the experience of Islamic Agricultural finance in Sudan: Challenges and sustainability. By: Adam B Elheraika (IDB). Reviewed by: Ahmed S Bamakhramah (King Abdl Aziz University, Saudi)

5. Sustainable development from an Islamic perspective: Meaning, implication, and Policy concerns. By: Zubair Hasan (International Islamic University of Malaysia)

6. Must money be limited to only gold and silver?: a survey of fiqhi opinions and some implications. By: Muhammad Aslam Haneef (IIU Malaysia) and Emad Rafiq Barakat (Islamic economics and Banking Yarmouk university, Jordan)

7. Thirty years of Islamic banking: History, Performance and prospects. By: Munawar Iqbal and Molynex. Reviewed by: Abdelkader Chachi (King Abdul Aziz University, jeddah)

8. a shari’ah analysis of isses in Islamic Leasing. By : Mohammad Hashim Kamali (IIU Malaysia)

9. a comparative study of zakah and modern taxation. By: Nur Barizah Abu Bakar and Abdul Rahim Abdul Rahman (IIU Malaysia)

10. Speculation between Proponents and opponents. By: Rafic Yunus al masri (King Abdul Aziz university, jeddah)

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