Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

Jurnal Ekonomi Syariah (Kode J079), TERSEDIA PDF

1. Macro consumption function in an islamic framework, By. M Fahim Khan. Comments: Zubair Hasan (India)

2. Indexation – an Islamic evaluation. By. S.M Hasanuz Zaman

3. Ibn Taimiyah’s concept of market mechanism. By. Abdul azim Islahi (Saudi Arabia)

4. Islamic economics: a note on methodology. By. Shahrukh rafi khan (Islamabad)

5. Macro consumtion function in an Islamic framework, by. M Fahim Khan. Comments: S Iqbal mahdi (USA)

6. Towards an islamic macro model of distributon: a comparation approach. By. Mahid Ali Al jarhi. Comments: K.A Naqvi (India)

7. Islamic Economics – annotated sources in English and Urdu. By. Muhammad Akran Khan (UK)

8. Towards an interest free islamic economi system. By. Waqar masood khan (Pakistan)

9. The financial system and monetary policy in an isalmic economy. By. Mohsin S khan and Abbas Mirakhor

10. Tax farming and resource allocation in past islamic societies. By. Murat Cizakca (Turkey)

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